View from window of Ninewells Hospital overlooking River Tay.

I prefer silence to noise, wild places to cities.

I choose minimal before clutter and haikus over poetry.

I like the potential of an empty white space of paper for a drawing or words to form magic on.

But I know that spaces can be difficult things too.


where loved ones used to be

in the store cupboard

where living (rather than existing) used to happen

not found in a home that isn’t safe.

My own life isn’t so much filled with spaces right now as fragments of

family connection




drawing and writing.

Bits of day





to not so much make a whole

but more of a holey thing.

A paper doilie perhaps

or if I’m doing things particularly well

a piece of lace.

As an art student drawing within a frame of paper edges

I learned that negative shapes were as important as positive ones.

Bypassing conventional ways of describing is to trick the brain by following the outlines of non things

the gaps between

the shadows behind

the emptiness surrounding.

An eye-hand flow of counter intuitive tracing reveals a world seen but not understood.

The absence of things brings new understanding to their presence.

As a student of Humanities I read Aristotle’s philosophy on the stuff of space.

He considered that voids contained



specks of stuff


Aether is the medium where vibrations happen.

Light, sound and electromagnetic radiation permeate and flow in the interstices of space.

Probably some other things too.

Perhaps what we think is space is actually where the things that matter are happening

ideas appear

feelings surface

people grow.

Leaving spaces in art, writing and life ( not filling it all in) gives




chances to experience all the possibilities that the aether can offer.

I don’t know what whole I am trying to make with this piece of writing.

I suspect I am making another holey thing.

Art mimicking life as fragments





by threads that connect

to make some sort of pattern

or a papery web of some sort on which to build.

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