Glimpses of Inbetween

Hypnotic road

hum of car engine

city skyline falling behind

possibility of space in front

inner monologues

unravelling with the sky…

can anyone deny that thinking

comes from outside as well as inside?

Liminal places are where we start to see things appearing that we don’t yet understand.

Sometimes the material and the spiritual worlds come together – halfway points between despair and hope, hatred and love, judgement and forgiveness, recrimination and reflection, hurt and healing.

Uncertainty is a place where thoughts are unsettled – inchoate, nascent.

For the artist it is the place where the human meets the non-human and craft gives way to magic.

Life lived in between doubt and certainty, confusion and acceptance, hoping and getting (or not) – between birth and death.

We head to places that disappear in the rear view mirror as another horizon comes into sight.

Where opposites co-exist they shape each other – darkness allows light to shine.

When something is in a liminal space it can be easier to talk about what it is not than what it is.

A gossamer light covers everything, that I heard somewhere, is the best light to take a photograph in.

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