Glimpses of Inbetween

Hypnotic road hum of car engine city skyline falling behind possibility of space in front inner monologues unravelling with the … More

A Picture of Wind

The wind is ca’ing ootside strewing leaves aboot, thunderin agin cauld stane n’ whistlin doon lums moanin an lowin lik … More


Mountain Storm The sun is sliding behind a mountain gilding its edges in gold and turning valleys into creeping blacks. … More

Remembering Trees

Reading the following essay, penned in March 2020, I was glad to find it better than I remembered (I had … More

Spring Garden

The garden is waking up, I think it was the dazzle from the daffodils that finally did it, for months … More


I prefer silence to noise, wild places to cities. I choose minimal before clutter and haikus over poetry. I like … More

Mountain Haiku in Blue

A small hand stitched book about mountains, haikus and the colour blue. To buy this book visit my online shop … More


Blue Things I like: 1. The sky on a sunny day 2. Bluebells, Forget-me-nots and Comfrey flowers 3. The sea … More

Dubh Abhainn

Daffodils wave at the passing breeze Great Tit’s sing to the spring air Moon orbits over nightfall.Rocks ignite waves into … More

Lumsden Haiku

Cloud lines on string Cut out hills leave space In a blue blanket On this spring morning Nature has a … More

Deep Mapping

I have started mapping through various scales and time with writing as a descriptor and director of various aspects of … More